Welcome to the website of the official NGB for the fast-growing sport of VX in England!


VX originated in Yorkshire in 2006 and in the short time since then has gained a foot-hold in 25 countries with 15 official National Governing Bodies.


With its core values of Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship and Respect VX is a sport that is very family focussed. It can be played recreationally or competitively and for those who want to, there is a pathway right through to international competition


VX is played in clubs, schools, colleges, universities, leisure centres, the armed forces, prisons and youth groups.


It is also a popular attraction at community events, too

September 20th 2016: Position Statement from Global VX

We have been asked about the unaffiliated NGBs namely England VX and Scotland VX that have purportedly been set up in Scotland and England.


These bodies have been set up by a small disaffected break-away faction of our former members, who are deliberately seeking to undermine and disrupt the existing VX structure.


For the avoidance of doubt, they do NOT speak for the established and recognised relevant VX bodies, namely VX England, VX Scotland, Global VX or any other authorised and affiliated body.


They are evidently offering training and qualifications, but that training and those qualifications are not recognised or authorised by the official VX governing bodies.


We invite you to treat any criticisms or claims that you may receive from the representatives of these breakaway groups with extreme caution and we ask that any approaches that you may receive from them are reported immediately to us, as we are collating details of their activities for the purposes of taking legal action to curtail their interference.


Should you have any genuine queries or concerns then please contact Global VX (www.globalvx.org) or write or speak to Paul Hildreth (pmh@globalvx.org, 07790 351534)


October 9th 2016: VX England win first VX European Championships

The England VX squad have just returned from the first VX European Championships in Bilbao. They won the title convincingly and in the V2 section took the top three places - winner Tom Hildreth, Runner-up Scott Snowdon, third James Foster. Well done, everyone!

September 13 2016: VX England announce squad for European Championships

VX England today announced their team to contest the VX European Championships in October. The Championships are to be hosted by VX Basque Country in Bilbao. The England team will be: Paul Hildreth (Head Coach/player); Tom Hildreth (Tactics Coach/captain); Matty Carr (Assistant Coach/player); Scott Snowdon; Karen Bruin; James Foster; Dan Shuker; Jill Stocks; Matthew Leyshon

August 2016: England rule the roost at World Cup

in what has widely been hailed as the biggest and best World Cup to date, England players proved, again, that they are world beaters. In the Seniors Scott Snowdon retained his title and England players took the top 7 places.

In the Youth category, England hold the top 12 rankings and in the Masters England players hold the top 6 places

November 15th 2016: VX Link up with FiBoDo

VX announces a link-up with FiBoDo (Find It, Book It, Do It), an online marketing and sports event booking environment. VX England is the first VX organisation to go live. You can book directly onto coaching courses and other events

July 2016: England win first Test Match Series

congratulations to the England team that travelled to India to compete in the first Test Match Series and won the series 3-0.

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