V2 Competition




Our national league is run in districts or regions. Players participate in a local league. The winners of these local leagues go through to the National Finals, a one-day event.


As the sport grows further there will be regional finals to decide who goes to the National Finals.


The V2 season runs from September to December with National Finals in April


The National Finals in England act as a qualifier for selection for the V2 World Cup.





University Championships

The University Championships is currently based round the V2 format. This has now been taken over by VX England and will run on an annual basis.


Players can apply to participate in the tournament.



365 Invitational Trophy


This was a new event for 2016 and was named in honour of international cricketer Kieren 'Beefy' Blake who was undertaking an epic odyssey to see/participate in 365 sports in 365 days. When it was the turn of VX, VX International sponsored an event in his honour and this is intended to be an annual event.


Entries are by invitation.






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