Up until recently most of our players have been in schools but we are now starting to see a slow increase in the establishment of independent clubs.


We need coaches and individuals with vision to start more clubs - it is very easy. All you need is a squash court, 3 balls, 2 VstiX, a pair of score counters and 3 people. This is how the most recent clubs have started.


At the moment most of the clubs are in the North of England but they are starting to spread southwards.


Some players like to play recreationally and others might like to take advantage of the competitive pathway that is in place.


If your club is small and based round the small-sided games, there is a V2 pathway. As your club grows there is a full VX-pathway.


If you are interested in talking about how to start a club, please get in touch with either us at VX England or talk to someone at Global VX:


Here are some examples of our successful clubs in England:

Easi-RockIts - the oldest-established club and one of the most successful, currently running 2 teams, HellCats and HellFighters

Phoenix - currently the team to beat, as they sweep all before them

Ripon VX Club - based at our National Centre of Excellence, this is currently the fastest-growing club in the country

Worcester & West Midlands - a fairly recent addition to the VX Family of Clubs

The Bullz - a rural club with a very young membership

Northallerton VX Club - Division 2 champions in their first season in the league!

Stillington VX Club - focuses on the small-sided versions of the sport

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