Below is an outline of the VX components of the Global VX Coaching Qualifications. As this is a young sport the coaching qualifications are under continual review and development


Qualifications are an important part of any structure. Such a structure enables people to grow and progress to levels commensurate with their ability and desire. It also provides us with a safety net for our players, and it ensures that they receive the best coaching on offer to allow them to aspire to their dreams.


To this end we have implemented a coach qualification program to facilitate this need and below is an overview of the process.


The GLOBAL VX Coach Education Program is broken down into 5 levels. This may change from time to time but will not require re-sitting any level that you have previously taken. You will automatically be issued with the updated information. We are adding generic coaching modules to these central modules and these will be rolled out very soon.



Level 1 – Basic Requirement Module (BRM)/Assistant Club Coach.

This is aimed at teachers who want to get a basic knowledge of how the sport works with drills and skills for class work. It is also suitable for beginners who want a general introduction to the sport and who need an armoury of tools to run a series of sessions. The focus is on the basic skills and a set of drills to practice those skills.

Level 1 also includes an initial exploration of what is required to officiate an informal game.

VX Component: £65 Level 1


Level 2 – Club Coach.

This is aimed at the entry level of coaching. It is very simple and does not require any previous coaching knowledge. The difference between Level 1 and Levels 2 is that Level 1 looks at a wider range of skills and focuses on the breakdown of those skills into fundamentals. E.g. The Level 1 concentrates on the basic attacking throw. Level 2 explores the use of a range of attacking throws. Level 2 candidates are expected to demonstrate the delivery of a skill to their peers and the course will include officiating and the running of a basic tournament.

£75 Level 2


Level 3 – Senior Club Coach.

Level 3 is aimed at those who would like to coach in a more formal setting including a more advanced knowledge of the fundamentals and will incorporate an exploration of tactics used in VX and, where circumstances and venues permit, an initial look at the small sided versions of the sport.

Each coach must have passed the Club Coach Award and have a minimum of 120 logged hours of coaching,

£125 Level 3 (not yet online)


Level 4 – Regional Coach

is a level aimed at those coaches that have passed level 3 and have a minimum of 200 hours of logged coaching. Tthis is above and beyond the 120 hours logged for level 3. The course revolves around the small sided versions of the sport including V2 and V4.

Cost to be confirmed


Level 5 – International Coach.

International Coach Qualification will be designated by the Global VX. Nominations will not be taken, however an individual can contact the GLOBAL VX informing them of their interest to be considered for level 5. The candidate must have a minimum of 100 hours of logged coaching experience or must have coached at International level in another sport. The candidate must also have Level 4 to be considered.

It should be noted that an International Coach Qualification exam will be required to be sat at a later date, An NGB may install a Coach who is not yet qualified to Level 5 as their National Coach but they will not be automatically given Level 5 qualification.


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