Playing internationally


There are increasing international opportunities for our players:

an annual V2 World Cup

a VX World Cup every 4 years

European Championships start October 2016

the first Test Match Series was held in July 2016, in India.


VX England runs a comprehensive National Programme. The England squad's home is our National Centre of Excellence at Ripon Grammar School and it trains there five times a year. Formal trials are held twice a year and we intend to move these around the country as we get more Regional Centres of Excellence.


After losing to Scotland in the 2011 World Cup we installed a new coaching team and they have totally revamped our National Programme. They have developed it to the point where we can now run National Squads at Junior, Youth, Senior and Masters levels.

You can see a video of one of the training sessions below.



The current coaching staff are

  • Dr Paul Hildreth - Head Coach
  • Matty Carr - Assistant Coach
  • Tom Hildreth - Tactics Coach/Fitness Coach
  • Jonathon Cooper - Individual Development Coach and overall responsibility for the Junior Squad.


The coaching team have put together a very structured format to the sessions and England players now lead the way in all aspects of the sport.



The England Squad is sponsored by

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