Officials are an essential part of any sport. Refereeing a VX or V2 match is not difficult. Qualifications are an important part of any structure it enables people to grow and progress to levels commensurate with their ability and desire. It also provides confidence in the game day officials in that they have gone through a prescribed process for gain knowledge and experience.


A VX match will have one referee and two umpires. Each umpire takes half a court and looks specifically for infringements.



The GLOBAL VX Referee Education Program is broken down into levels. This may change from time to time but will not require re-sitting any level that you have previously taken. You will automatically be issued with the updated information. However game day officials should be aware that they will be assessed in games that they officiate, this is to ensure the highest standard possible in officiating.


It should be noted that anyone officiating a game in an official capacity should be a member in good standing of Global VX and must have the Global VX insurance policy.


Level 1 – Club Referee.

This is aimed at the entry level of Officiating. It is very simple and does not require any previous officiating experience. Candidates will be recommended to officiate Club games by a club official and can only officiate in games that are played within the club. They must have a good knowledge of the rules. They may officiate as Umpires in Local League games and must be assessed by a club official.


Level 2 – Local League Referee.

Level 2 is aimed at those that would like to Referee in a more formal setting, which requires a more advanced

knowledge of the rules of the game and they:

  • Must be a member in good standing of Global VX
  • Must attend Game day Officials workshop
  • Must have sat the referee’s exam paper and must receive a 75% or higher pass mark those who get less than 75% but more than 50% will be classed as Umpires for Local League.
  • Must have officiated 15 logged games at club level and been assessed by a Global VX certified assessor


Can Umpire National League games


Level 3 – National League Referee Must have:

• Passed level 2

• Officiated 30 logged games this does not include those logged for level 3

• A 90% pass mark in the referee’s exam. If this was not attained when sitting for level 3 they must re-sit the exam.

• Can Umpire International games



Level 4 – International Referee.

Will be designated by the Global VX. Nominations will not be taken, however an individual can contact the GLOBAL VX informing them of their interest to be considered for level 5. The candidate must have:

• Officiated a minimum of 60 logged games at National League level

• Must have attained level 3.



The referee has a very important role to play and they are there to enforce the rules and also ensure the safety of those involved. They must also act as our health and safety representatives for league games and tournaments.


On arrival the most senior referee will take on the role of Head Referee (HR) and all other referees and umpires will report to him/her on arrival.

The head referee’s duties include the following:

  • Inform tournament organisers that they are there.
  • Communicate with all game day officials as to their duties for the day
  • Act as the League/tournament's head referee taking on the role of having the last word in the event of any contested rulings.
  • Ensure that they are aware of the facility fire procedures and in the event of a fire organise evacuation of the venue.
  • The HR should make their way to the centre of the court (as long as it is safe to do so)
  • Blow the whistle 4 times to gain everyone’s attention.
  • Explain how the spectators, players etc are able to leave the venue and where to meet
  • Co-ordinate our people outside of the venue to ensure that none is left in the building and should use the other officials to help.
  • Ensure that all game day officials have the correct uniform and that it is neat and tidy
  • Go through safety check
  • Check that game day equipment is available


Game day officials will require the following:

  • Referees will wear electric orange t-shirt optional Hoodie
  • Umpires will wear an electric green t-shirt optional hoodie
  • Black pants or shorts/skorts
  • 10 official game balls
  • 2 pairs of score counters, where a scoreboard is available score counters will be a back up.
  • Score cards



The first practical referees' workshop will focus on the small-sided versions of VX as this provides a sound educational structure and development.

The referee's exam will soon be available online and the practical course is also almost ready to roll out.







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