Game Versions


The sport of VX offers a variety of different game versions, allowing players to enjoy a range of experiences.


The three official versions that are run by VX England are:

  • VX (5v5) - the team version
  • V4 (2v2) - doubles
  • V2 (1v1) - singles


Each type has a completely different experience, ranging from tactical team play all the way to intense one on one action. Follow the sub menus for more information on these formats.


Different versions suit different players - some prefer the support of a team, or the tactics that come into the team version. Others prefer the intense, personal and gladiatorial experience that V2 gives


There is also V3 - this is 1v1v1 played on a squash court. Three players and the winner is the player who concedes the least number of hits. Ideal for defensive players


Quidditch - just for fun: we have a Quidditch version of VX . This isn't one of the official disciplines of VX. We just use it for fun - but it's still much better than the Quidditch that is being played!


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