Game Play Rules


This is an abridged, quick reference version of the Official Global VX Rulebook 2014, for the full version, please visit

Object: One point will be scored by striking opposing players with any of the balls in play, anywhere on the body, between shoulders and feet.

•Balls must be carried and propelled using the VstiX

•Any ball coming into contact with a player, in any way constitutes a strike.

•Strikes must be declared by remaining still and raising a hand to attract the attention of the game official.

•Strikes to the head score no points

•Players may use the VstiX to block or catch attacking shots.

•Attacking shots deflected by the VstiX score no points

•Attacking shots caught in the VstiX score three points

Penalties: Three points will be awarded to opposing players for the following reasons

•Failure to declare a strike

•Falsely declaring a catch

•Body contact between players

•Wielding the VstiX within 1m (roughly arms length) of another player

•Using the VstiX to strike a ball on the ground or in the air

•Use of foul or abusive language

•Breaking contact with the wall, prior to the referees signal at game start

•Travelling- failure to dribble the ball (this rule may be used with discretion when working with novice players)

•Unsportsmanike behaviour

Playing area: Versions of VX can be adapted to suit most sizes of a space, but these spaces should be enclosed. The sport is most suited to a 4-badminton-court Sports Hall for team versions and a standard Squash Court for small sided versions. Players may move anywhere in the playing area and shots may rebound from walls or the floor.

Periods of Play: a standard time period is 4 minutes.

The number of periods varies depending on the version played, VX =4 periods, V4 & V2 = 2 periods

•In officially sanctioned games intervals are also timed; 1st and 3rd interval =1 minute, 2nd interval = 2 minutes

Officials: Games should be led by at least one official, responsible for keeping score.

•The game will be started by the official arranging the balls in a V-shape, and instruct players to take up a ready position, touching the opposite wall to their opponent.

•Upon recording a strike or catch, the official should audibly and visually where possible signal to the player to “Play on”.


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