V2 (singles)



V2 is the most gladitorial out of the three formats.


It is played on a squash court with two players and three balls. This makes it fast and a real test on the fitness of players as they endure 2 halves of 4 minutes.


The spectacular part of this game format is that you get to see the real individual skills of each player as the action is focussed in a small area.


Both male and female players contend against each other on completely equal footing.

Game rules are very similar to the other game formats with the exception of the time periods being different.

V2 is how most clubs get started - you only need three people, 2 VstiX, 3 balls, a pair of score counters and access to a squash court. Why not give it a go? There are pathways right through local and national competition up to an annual V2 World Cup if you so desire


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