it was brilliant, fun to play and such a brilliant idea for inclusive, physical sport. Every school should play

Rachael Mackenzie, World Thai-Boxing Champion, Sky Sports Athlete Mentor Oct 1st 2015


Teachers tell us they love VX because

  • they like the core values of honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and respect
  • it is inclusive
  • it is mixed
  • it appeals to non-sporty children
  • beginners can be playing at a fast pace within ten minutes
  • it is a 'no-blame game'
  • it helps increase participation


Schools across the country are using VX in different ways

  • as part of the curriculum
  • to target specific student groups
  • as lunch-time clubs
  • as after-school clubs
  • for fund-raising
  • in behavioural units
  • in special needs units
  • for intra-mural competition


We suggest you contact Global VX for their report about VX in schools:


Schools are now starting to hold fixtures and festivals.


We already have a National Centre of Excellence at Ripon Grammar School and are in discussion with others regarding becoming Regional Centres of Excellence. If this is something that might interest you for your school, please get in touch.


We are seeing increasing competition - for example Ripon Primary Schools ran regular festivals in the days of the SSP. These have just been resurrected by popular demand by a local VX coach.



"as PE staff myself - never have I known a sport with such impact - one that attracts all kids no matter what their background or sporting ability - and once the novelty of hitting your opponent with a ball has worn off (if it ever does), then the tactics start to develop and real sportsmanship shines through. More to the point, the fair play ethic is something I have always prided myself on, something I promote in my lessons and hope I display in my own gameplay and my expectations of my students - the fact that VX has 'Honesty, Integrity and Respect' as its strapline makes it a stand alone sport in my eyes. The kids at my school love it. I have introduced it into the KS4 curriculum, KS5 and sixth form enrichment too as well as intra mural house matches which just happen to be the best attended and best spectated (is that a word?) matches in the whole of my inter house programme. We have involved other departments (namely art, English amd music) - Ofstted love anything with a cross curricular theme. We have designed strips, composed theme tunes, interviewed international players, written match reports etc. Seriously what more can I say - other than to state once again, as I do on the dvd, 'VX - it's got the lot' xx"


Helen Mackenzie, PE Teacher, Post of VX International Facebook page, Nov 3 2015

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